5 Tips for safe driving

Getting into good habits when you first start learning to drive is important. This helps ensure you keep those good habits later on. Of course there are many different opinions on what is “correct” when it comes to these driving techniques. Below is a list of what is most commonly taught by professional driving instructors. […]

Why hire a professional driving instructor?

Parents are often the first to volunteer as instructors when their kids are old enough to learn how to drive.  Having mum, dad or other family members prepared to give up their time to teach this skill may seem like a well intentioned and fantastic idea in theory.  However, there many valid reasons why it’s […]

8 Tips for Learner Drivers

Learning to drive takes time and practice. It is both scary and thrilling to obtain your Learner Driver Licence, getting you that one step closer to being independent and going out on your own. Your knowledge and confidence will increase and improve with time. In the meantime here are some tips to help you gain confidence as you start driving.  Practice, practice, practice. It takes time to […]

10 Top Reasons Why Learner Drivers Fail The Driving Test

1. Speeding - exceeding the speed limit 2. Failing to stop - Failing to completely stop at stop signs or red lights 3. Not giving way - at intersections to other vehicle or pedestrians 4. Failing to maintain a Crash Avoidance Space - all around the car from other vehicles and pedestrians 5. Lack of understanding – Road rules, […]